Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I notice you are based in Ohio, but licensed in Michigan; how will this work?
A: All Mediations are currently being conducted via Zoom. This is so that we may minimize our operational costs and serve a greater geographical area. It also allows you to remain in the comfort of your own home.
Q: I have general questions about mediation as a process.

A: While we are happy to discuss your questions during a free consultation, please keep in mind that response times will vary.
Please examine the following online resources before submitting any general questions: (ADR resources)

Q: I have legal questions about this process and about my case specifically.

A: No mediator or potential mediator may give legal advice for any reason. We also have extremely limited legal information. We encourage you to consult an attorney if you have not done so already with any legal questions.

Q: Will I need an attorney in mediation?

A: We insist that you at least consult an attorney before mediation begins, and strongly encourage you to retain one. Be advised that whoever you are in conflict with may bring their own. That said, if you feel it is unnecessary to retain an attorney; it is not required.

Q: Are you an attorney, and can you represent me?
A: I am not an attorney and no person may act as both an attorney and mediator. They can only act as one or the other on a case by case basis.
Q: What are the types of meetings you offer and what do they cost?

A: “Consultations” are for general inquiries about Mediation. They are free to any potential client and do
not require any type of obligation. Please be advised that response times will vary.

“Pre-Mediation Conferences” are an opportunity for clients who intend to participate in Mediation to receive coaching on what to expect during the process and to write their agenda. This will cost $100.00 USD per mediation party per hour. We strongly advise that you have any questions written out beforehand and that you bring your attorney should you elect to retain one during mediation. Also bring anybody you wish to attend Mediation to this conference for the purposes of emotional support, translation, etc. If the parties decide it is not necessary, this conference can be skipped.

“Mediation” will cost $100.00 USD per mediation party per hour. There are no additional charges for attorneys or other mediation participants.
All conference or mediation fees must be prepaid no exceptions. Specifically,  the Pre-Mediation Conference and the Mediation itself.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

A: We operate on a variety of payment apps, but also accept wire transfers. If paying though an app, we encourage you to select a “Goods and Services” option if available. While this will take a portion of your payment from us, we want you to feel protected in your purchase.